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Mengly J. Quach University

With Mengly J. Quach University, MJQE aims to construct and provide the best foundation to prepare the youth in their area of personal lives, academic pursuits and career objectives, to offer the experience of a large, dynamic and diverse university which readies the students to realize their dreams and goals and make a meaningful contribution to society.

It is the set mission to present a unique student – faculty environment where both work closely together on programs, research and projects. It is our belief that the academic experience should be both in and out of the classroom in order to produce successful graduates.


Mengly J. Quach University will offer students rigorous academic courses and practical experience in their respective fields. Our curriculum is designed to our students’ ability to compete in the domestic labor market and beyond by providing them the right skills and knowledge. Moreover, our faculty members will be selected based on their exceptional qualifications and high quality research. We endeavor to provide the best education and services to our students.