Sok Pov

Editor in Chief, MJQUP

Sok Pov

Mr. Pov Sok was borns in July 26th 1972 in a rural village of Prek Rey, Prek Rey commune, Lvea Em district in Kandal province.

Mr. Sok has been with Mengly J. Quach Education since November 13th 2017 under his position as Editor in Chief and closely perform his job with the Mengly J. Quach University Press ( MJQ UP) team.

From 2001 to 2017 he was an active member of Khmer Writer Association and collaborate with many other khmer writers to develop younger generation’s skill in writing.

He used to be a Script Writer/Producer at Women Media Center around 8 years (2004-2012). In order to open the field of writing/producing, Mr. Sok decided to enter to a new working environment at Hang Meas HDTV station around 5years(2012-2017). This new TV Channel employed him as News Editor In Chief. His main tasks were to produce any interesting kind of news, Feature, Profile, short films as well as monitoring his team members in order to effectively produce quality of news for their daily news program show on its TV channel.

After the 10th congress of Khmer Writer Association, Sok was elected as Financer by committees.

From the past year till now he has achieve a lot of experience and achievement especially in the field of short film such as: The bamboo root, Generosity, The golden crown, The Scale and Education spots for BBC.

Another noticeable achievement was the TV feature of his majesty Norodom Sihanouk funeral that was broadcast nationwide.

Mr Pov Sok also published two novels, the fighter’s heart & Soldier 071, and a book of his poetry collection called The invaded Rust

With his strong background, Sok positively believe that he and his MJQ UP team will perform every task with effectively and efficiency.

Sok Pov

Sok Pov

Editor in Chief, MJQUP

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Sok Pov

Editor in Chief, MJQUP

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