Information Technology Department


Information Technology Department

Information Technology Department (ITD) continues to be a key component in how we support our students, teachers, and staff on campus. Consequently, technology has become more pervasive and plays an ever-increasing role in the daily lives of those in our organization both on and off campus. Technology not only supports the demands of the academic environment, the needs of our administration, and the learning and quality of life of our students but also the well-being and safety of our entire organization.

The Information Technology Department (ITD) will continue to utilize the established governance structures to provide support and facilitate thoughtful investment and allocation of resources to meet the needs of the Mengly J. Quach Education.


To ensure the smooth operation of the Mengly J. Quach Education, Information Technology Department has divided into 6 sections as follows:

1. IT Network and Systems Team

  • Provides infrastructure services vision, enable innovation and leverage IT trend that can create business value consistent with the business’s requirements and expectation.
  • Makes sure comprehensive disaster recovery architecture is maintained and operations are in place to ensure compliance with internal audits and external audit during business continuity events (emphasizing but not limit to storage area networks and redundant, highly available server and network architecture.)
  • Conducts regular preventative maintenance and manage the network operation center team to monitor system performance, network traffic, and security to prevent system downtime and any possible attacks.
  • Develops standard documentation and roll out for communication systems, server and workstation, network, storage, software, and other computer related systems.
  • Monitors IT operation and follows up with the IT technical activities and performance.

2. IT Security Team

  • Monitors compliance with the information security policies and procedures among employees, contractors, partners, and other third parties.
  • Monitors and reports on business security issues (regularly report to IT committee on the progress of implementation of security and establishing the method to reduce the vulnerability to fraud, abuse or waste.)
  • Provides trainings to new staff and existing staff for information security awareness within MJQE.
  • Actively leads the updating and maintaining of current security patches on live systems.
  • Develops and maintains a strategic plan for information security that aligns security controls with business requirement for information protection.
  • Supports the delivery of IT and/or network security procedures or processes, operations and architectural solution for MJQE that support the business aims and take into account appropriate legal, regulatory constraints.
  • Provides recommendation on IT security for new IT projects or systems.
  • Undertakes testing and validation of hardware, firmware and software for possible impacts on security.
  • Completes assigned elements of IT security risks assessment and compliance audits.
  • Manages where applicable information security and compliance team to ensure high performing and well-motivated people delivering a specific function or service.

3. IT Technical Support Team

  • Supports campus in the scopes of business lines including hardware, software, application, network, email, security, system, training and awareness etc.
  • Gives a compliance assurance of all buildings at all campuses and also business consultative partners with all buildings.
  • Designs, develops, implements, and coordinates systems, policies, workflows and procedures.
  • Supervises, plans, organizes, controls, and evaluates IT and electronic data operation.
  • Preserves assets, information security and structures.
  • Provides training to staff and ensures that ITD is staying up-to-date of the development of the company.
  • Provides security awareness training to all colleagues related to hardware, software and application.
  • Receives user complanits and requests regarding installation of hardware, software, PBX, and security camera.
  • Supervises, plans, coordinates, and directs the work of all employees to support each department including operaton and training.
  • Developes PBX and security camera guidelines, workflows, policies, and procedures.
  • Controls, maintains and monitors all security cameras and PBXs in each campus.
  • Maintains, installs and repairs security systems, alarm devices as well as related equipment, following blueprints of electrical layouts and building plans.

4. IT Development Team

  • Innovates the latest technology to support MJQE business need.
  • Develops technology planning and implementation.
  • Designs and develops system as requested from other departments.
  • Develops technology development programs, IT policies and procedures.
  • Develops technology research capacity and capability to meet with the current and future requirements of MJQE business.
  • Develops research partnerships with other local and international technology service providers to support the project planning and implementation.
  • Manages and monitors manual database backup such as Sun System and all MJQE System
  • Reviews the report of technology development team for development activities.

Our Mission, Vision and Core Values


The mission of the Information Technology Department is to build a quality and comprehensive technology infrastructure, establish and maintain an effective operational environment, and deliver quality, prompt, cost effective and reliable technology services.


Our vision is to create an environment where all students and staff have easy access to technology resources and information, and to provide an infrastructure that supports the goals of the Mengly J. Quach Education.

Core Values

  • Collaboration: We are a dedicated team and willing to share knowledge and build effective partnerships with key stakeholders.
  • Excellence: We strive for operational excellent through the on-going development of the staff and the organization as a whole. We seek to be innovative and to perform at the highest levels.
  • Transparency: We leverage open communications and thoughtful business processes to be accountable in our interactions and our works.
  • People: We listen, respect, and care for our students and colleagues equally.
  • Service: We strive to provide excellent service by being consistent, agile, reliable, and accessible to both external and internal customers.
  • Innovation: We are committed to fostering innovation and adoption of new technologies. Quality and Availability We are committed to enhancing the quality, availability, and delivery of IT.
  • Efficiency: We increase efficiency, transparency and accountability of IT.
  • Value: We provide business value to all users and stakeholders.