Procurement Department

Procurement Department

Procurement Department reports to the Founder, Chairman and CEO. Procurement Department provides a strong support to all departments in MJQE to ensure all goods and services are cost effective, efficient and on time. It supplies good merchandises and service to our requesters and necessarily procured which represents the best value for money, quality, service and timely delivery within the regulations and guidelines.

Procurement activities are performing all purchases of materials, goods, equipment and services in compliance with Procurement Method of Supplier Selection and to obtain services, supplies or other property as provides.

Procurement is willing to facilitate ease of process, drive innovation and to reduce transactional costs through continuous streamlining of the procurement processes by taking a lead role on all strategic procurement initiatives, remaining open, competitive and fair in our business practices.

Procurement will accomplish this with a continuous improvement focus through the development and performance management of our supply base, coordination of supplier selection decisions, the application of procurement management processes and seeking, establishing and maintaining vendor relationships that meet our requirements while providing the best value with minimal supply chain risks.

Procurement team is committed to acting with our leadership in Procurement Management that will ensure a standard supply base focused on continuous improvement and the optimization of total costs that supports MJQE’s business requirements.

We serve the best interests of MJQE in our overall professional procurement practices and act ethically, with integrity, discretion, honesty and professionalism.