Research and Development Department

Research and Development Department

Research and Development Department works closely with other departments of the Mengly J. Quach Education in terms of new business initiatives and concepts to support the improvement of the current business model of MJQE. This department also identifies new products and other business opportunities to ensure the company growth and stay competitive in the market. This department will require the collaboration from other departments, especially, all Business Departments as well as Sales and Marketing.

The objectives of this department are to play an important role in developing strategies to improve the existing products/services as well as to design and innovate the new products/services through its market research and in collaboration with other departments.

Our roles and responsibilities

  • Conduct research to improve the company’s understanding of its education model and competitors.
  • Develop and implement the strategic plans and objectives for the group in alignment with company operations.
  • Provide overall direction to the development of advanced analytic solution and strategies to new and existing in the decision-making.
  • Make the monitoring, identifying, recommendation and implement new and /or emerging process within the company.
  • Develop the sales technique to make sure sale result of MJQE’s products/services are improved.
  • Provide technical expertise for products in development and improve the existing, planning, execution and evaluation of the projects.