Do you remember the professor who encouraged you to believe in yourself and empowered you to grow from a student into a successful graduate? Our faculty enjoy the powerful reward of creating those special “a-ha” moments every day, inspiring MJQEducation students to achieve amazing things while enjoying the rich rewards of a flexible schedule, competitive compensation, a rich benefits program, strong mentorship and significant opportunities for career growth. Onsite or online, full time or part time, thousands of successful professionals experience the unparalleled rewards of teaching and preparing students for lifelong career success through the power of education.


Do you believe education can transform lives? The success of the students at MJQEducation’s institutions and companies is supported by the partnership of the talented Academics professionals dedicated to making sure that faculty and students have the right resources and support to ensure success in the onsite or virtual classroom. The foundation of our academic experience is built by our team of dedicated Academics professionals, completing important work with powerful impact that reaps great rewards every day.

Human Resources

Do you enjoy helping people grow successful careers? Our greatest resource is our people: the family of MJQEducation colleagues dedicated to helping our students achieve their educational and career goals. Whether your interest is in helping candidates explore careers with MJQEducation in a Talent Acquisition role or supporting colleagues with training, development, payroll, benefits, our Human Resources team plays a pivotal role in ensuring the success of our diverse global family of colleagues while delivering on our position as an employer of choice.

Information Technology

Do you enjoy the challenging field of Information Technology? It takes a world-class IT team to support our global family of schools, colleagues, and students. Behind the scenes is where the action is for the MJQEducation IT team, supporting and maintaining the sophisticated infrastructure that keeps our state-of-the-art technology operating. MJQEducation IT professionals thrive in exciting careers driven by our culture of creativity and innovation, accomplishing great things for our students around the world every day.

Marketing and Communications

Do you believe that information is power? Our Marketing and Communications professionals are on the front line, sharing exciting news and important information about the MJQEducatioin family through a wide variety of media and formats. Telling our story requires a special passion for education and a knack for communicating with a diverse audience across the world.


Do you seek exciting new opportunities to build your career in finance with a global leader in higher education? Our talented finance professionals represent a high-performing team of dedicated business experts, serving a broad range of clients and colleagues while enjoying tremendous opportunities for growth and development.


Do you have the skills to inspire and influence a team to achieve amazing things? There may be no more rewarding field for a leader to build long-term career success than in higher education. Purpose, excellence and mission are the hallmarks of a leadership career with MJQEducation. We invite you to explore leadership opportunities where you can help our colleagues empower students to achieve their goals, find success and make inspiring contributions to the global community.

Student Support

Do you have the desire to help people, solve problems, and make a positive impact doing meaningful work every day? It takes a special set of skills and genuine passion for helping MJQEducation students as they complete their education. Our Student Support professionals are service experts, dedicated to providing our students with the resources, guidance, and mentorship they need to be successful throughout their education.


Do you have a special knack for problem solving, process improvement, and providing best-in-class service? MJQEducation Operations professionals form the backbone of the day-to-day activities that keep thingsrunning smoothly for our students and colleagues around the world. You may not find a career more important to the success of our students thanin a rewarding position with our Operations team.