You need to have a trading account in order to invest in MJQE IPO. Once the IPO is approved by the SERC, you will be invited to subscribe for the IPO shares.

You can register your interest on the IPO via this form or contact our Underwriter. Our Underwriter will submit request for pre-allocation of IPO shares to the SERC for approval.

Contact our Underwriter RHB or submit your name and interest via this form, our Underwriter will contact you.

Foreigner can invest in MJQE IPO. You need to have a trading account in order to subscribe for the IPO shares. Contact our Underwriter to open a trading account.

It is easy to open a trading account. You just need to have Cambodian Identity Card and contact our underwriting team. Our Underwriter will assist you to open a trading account.

Yes, foreigner can open a trading account in Cambodia - you only need a valid passport to open trading account. If you reside outside of Cambodia, you can contact RHB for supports.

MJQE IPO price is subject to the approval from the SERC. We will announce the IPO price in due course after the IPO has been approved by the SERC.

We intend to provide a dividend guarantee on the IPO shares. We will make further announcement in due course.

(1) First, you need to open a trading account with a securities firms such as RHB Securities (Cambodia) which is the appointed Underwriter for MJQE IPO. (2) Deposit fund into the trading account via Bakong or other bank transfers (3) You can place buy/sell order via phone call to the licensed personnel of securities firm or trade via a mobile trading application which you will have after you open the trading account.

It will take one to two working days to open a trading account. Our Underwriting team (RHB) is fully supported for this process and will speed up the process as much as they can.

There is no tax on capital gain from investment in stock in Cambodia at this point in time. There is no dividend tax for investors with Cambodian residence. For non-resident, there is a standard 14% withholding tax on dividend. However, withholding tax is reduced by 50% for three year after the IPO.

ទម្រង់សាកសួរភាគហ៊ុន IPO

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