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Established in March 02, 2016, MJQTV is an educational online television running under the financial sponsorship from Menlgy J. Quach Education (MJQE) Plc. MJQTV is playing a crucial role to publicize the image of the MJQE as well as the Founder, Chairman and CEO of the company, Oknha Dr. Mengly J. Quach.

MJQTV is very active in producing creative education contents with high quality video production. With the tremendously support, MJQTV is now getting more than 600,000 followers on Facebook and around 180,000 subscribers on YouTube.

With a strong team of experienced TV production crew, MJQTV is continuing to grow bigger and will be becoming the most respected and well-known Online TV in Cambodia.

Our crew:

Mr. Tyto No – Video Editor and Graphic
Mr. Samet Nos – Cameraman

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