Our Colleagues

Mengly J. Quach Education is very proud to have recruited qualified and potential staff who are committed to providing the best quality, discipline and services for our students. Our staff are very inspiring and caring in terms of their professionalism and dedication. We not only bring out the standard education system for our students, but we also help those who are unable to meet their basic needs through our Mengly J. Quach Foundation.

Let’s hear from our colleagues on why they chose to join MJQE.


Mengly J. Quach Education is a company where hard work, passion, loyalty and dedication never go unnoticed. Everything you do for the company pays off and defines your success. IT IS A COMPANY UNLIKE ANY OTHER.

Phirom Say
Personal Assistant to the Founder, Chairman and CEO, MJQE

I am happy with my job because it marks the first milestone of my career path. But what makes me proud being a part of my company is that our name is synonymous with charity and prestige.

Sovanny Nov
Assistant Treasury Manager, MJQE

Working in Aii Language Center as part of the Mengly J. Quach Education opens new doors and possibilities to me. Every step is a challenge and an opportunity to grow, and every step of the way makes me more resilient and confident. Experiences like organizing events, hosting meetings, brainstorming ideas, presenting academic and corporate plans are opportunities to widen my horizon. With MJQE nothing is impossible if you just believe!

Michael Jake Arcilla
Director of Studies, Aii Language Centers

Mengly J. Quach Education is a place where I have learnt a lot about management, the way people work and company’s policy and culture. From top to lower management actively involves sharing comments and inputs in order to improve efficiency for all departments, units, sections, offices and centers. People here are friendly and helpful regardless their positions and how busy they are. MJQE is not only the educator for students, but it is for staff at all levels. We are here like a small kingdom in which all citizens respect their nation’s law and culture that make them become good people and live in the peaceful society.

Pheak Tong
Head of School and Public Safety Department, MJQE

Mengly J. Quach Education is a place where I see myself grow every day in terms of education, experience and discipline. It is a good working environment with a good culture where we respect and love each other like family. It is like a second home for me.

Sothear Khath
Event Planner, American Intercon Schools

As a leading educational service provider in Cambodia, Mengly J. Quach Education has 12 schools, 6 American Intercon Schools and 6 Aii Language Centers. Under the great leadership of our Founder, Chairman and CEO, Oknha Mengly J. Quach, MD, MPH, and the ceaseless dedication of our teachers and staff, our two schools are highly regarded as a standard educational company and ideal working environment equipped with modern amenities that provide the best learning experiences to students and teachers. In addition to our best facilities, we also pay our utmost attention to teachers and staff professional development while giving them equal opportunity to shine at their respective positions. The fact that our company has a charity foundation to provide a helping hand to those who are in need makes me feel so proud and honor to be part of such a great workplace.

So Sarom
Head of Academic Secretary, American Intercon School, Mao Tse Tong Campus

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one” I am so blessed to work in the Mengly J. Quach Foundation because I love to help the poor and vulnerable communities especially children, women and orphanages in the rural and slum areas as the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Mengly J. Quach Education PLC. CSR is the responsibility of everyone in the society to show their love and care for one another in the word “Together for Charity”. And I believe that any amount of your donation or charity can make a big difference to people in a great need.

Sam An Sem
Program Manager, MJQE

It’s an honor and a privilege to be part of the top, fast growing and leading educational provider in Cambodia with quality, discipline and services of the highest standards. I have never worked for an organization that deeply cares about its employees and customers like the Mengly J. Quach Education. The working environment is challenging, exciting, collaborative, positive, and feels like family. The management team and the culture of this company is wonderful, and the leadership is the strongest I have ever been associated with. I truly respect all of my colleagues, not only for their work ethic, but for their passion toward this company and life itself.

Visal Kev
Intercon Bookstore Manager, MJQE

MJQE is a place where individuals come in at different skill sets, aspirations, and attitude. With its diverse organizational culture, I have gained experiences that are irreplaceable and valuable to my career and personal growth. I am motivated to work in an environment that help each individual reach her or his highest potential.

Eun Lee
Senior International Relations Officer, ICES Cambodia

Mengly J. Quach Education is a place to challenge myself, and I love this challenging workplace. Working here allows me to learn and sharpen my knowledge and skills. The colleagues here are very open and caring. What I love most about this company is that we strive to make our students become real human resources with good discipline.

Lyjan Kong
Operations Supervisor of Office of the Founder, Chairman and CEO, MJQE

I love the Mengly J. Quach Education because of its clear vision and mission. I found that the efforts and results of this educational company really reflect the hard work of every student and teacher here. MJQE gives me and other staff the opportunity to learn and develop. Not only does MJQE pay very close attention to education in Cambodia, but it also contributes to society through its charity work. I am very positive about this company, and I truly believe that it is a place to build up confidence, self-esteem and sympathy.

Socheata Sou
Head Librarian, MJQE

Mengly J. Quach Education is a large and leading educational company in Cambodia. This company is a working place that helps train and coach new things to employees to complete their tasks. On the other hand, it is also a company full of competent staff working with professional ethics. For me, I am very proud to work here since it is a caring and supportive company. People around me are very helpful, and they have been helping me improve my career path. I am very fortunate to be surrounded by those who significantly contributed to the success of my journey so far.

Sreynang Pheng
Head of Academic Secretary, American Intercon School, Toul Kork Campus

I really enjoy working here at the Mengly J. Quach Education. People here are supportive, helpful and friendly. I am very optimistic about this company and I always learn something new every day from the teachers and staff around me. There are a lot of opportunities for me to learn and grow in terms of professional development and skills. I love MJQE, especially the culture of sharing from our Founder, Chairman and CEO.

Darith Oun
General Secretary to Personal Assistant to the Founder, Chairman and CEO for Operations, MJQE

It has been my great honor working at Mengly J. Quach Education, an company that provides the best quality education and opportunities for employees to equally exhibit their abilities. The priceless opportunity given is a source of inspiration for employees to excel in their work and fuel their potential for further development with the company. I could not be more thankful to have been able to contribute to the development of Mengly J. Quach Education, a leading educational service provider in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Nory Try
Executive Secretary to President & Head School Historian, American Intercon Schools