Aii Language Centers

Aii Language Centers (AiiLC) are North American Standard based centers specializing in languages. AiiLC offers series of English and Chinese language training programs and TOEFL preparation course to meet variety of needs of learners of all ages.

American Intercon School

With the sole vision to be one of the best education providers in the region, the American Intercon School (AIS) was founded in 2005 as the first Cambodian-American school offering General Education from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Mengly J. Quach Foundation

Mengly J. Quach Foundation, established in 2005, is a non-governmental organization based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Its sole member is Mengly J. Quach Education. The foundation was initiated for charitable, educational literacy and research purposes.

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The purpose of Mengly J. Quach Education is to empower its students to achieve their educational and career goals. Mengly J. Quach Education is a global provider of educational services and the parent organization of American Intercon Institute System…

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Mengly J. Quach Education

Founded by Oknha Dr. Mengly J. Quach, Mengly J. Quach Education (MJQE) is incorporated and registered in Cambodia as a private limited company with commercial registration No. 00004787. MJQE Schools are accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. MJQE comprises of the American Intercon Institute, Aii Language Center and American Intercon School, with seven campuses located throughout Phnom Penh city.

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Student Focused

Empowering individuals is the meaning behind our name – Mengly J. Quach Education.



MJQ Education educates the Cambodian public through quality teaching in state-of-the-art facilities using a combination of the latest technologies with creative activities to enhance the learning experience of our students.



MJQ Education is the leading educational provider in Cambodia with quality, discipline and services of the highest standards.



We empower students to achieve their goals, find success and make inspiring contributions to our global community.

Kid 1 to Kid 4 Open
Field Study to Urban Space Playground

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Kid 12 Class Representative Speech, 20th Aii Graduation Commencement

Annual American Intercon School Student Graduation Commencement



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Mengly J. Quach Education (MJQE)

MJQE was founded in 2005 by Dr. Mengly J. Quach and it is one of the leading companies in Cambodia with its main focus on education, health, and social and community development. Since its inception, MJQE has evolved from one school building,

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Applying here could change your life. Working here will change the lives of others. #WeAreMJQEducation